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Planning and research
7 November 2006 (Tuesday), 11:24 pm
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In just over a month we’re hading to the Philippines for two weeks of lying on the beach, diving, and getting away from the Vancouver cold/rain/gloom. Look at this list of top activities on Boracay Island. I plan to experience all of them with the possible exception of parasailing. I can’t wait.

The timing of the trip, plus a conference in Chicago Mounir’s attending is making it hard to schedule dance classes so that we don’t look like dweebs at the wedding in February. Jungle Swing has a beginner’s class starting next Monday, but Mounir continues to be resistant to Lindy Hop. He’s also vetoed tango and salsa, but ballroom’s okay. John Howardson dance group classes conflict with my swing class, but the wedding package might be an option. The Crystal Ballroom has a special right now for beginners ($45 for 8 classes, which is an especially good deal if, as the fine print seems to indicate, you can use them whenever works for your schedule); they also have wedding packages. From the schedule it looks like we’d be able to attend two of the three weekly beginners classes between now and our departure for the other side of the Pacific.

Today was my day of rest for the week exercise-wise, as planned. I wasn’t entirely sedentary: at lunch between meetings I (by necessity because it was the closest place with proteiny non-wheaty or dairy options and I only had 20 minutes) speed walked about 10 blocks (round trip) to get some sushi. Tomorrow I’m climbing after work. Thursday there’s more dancing. Excitement.