Boot camp and beyond

28 November 2006 (Tuesday), 10:04 pm
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You know, like marginalia, except more random.  You may want to skip this, unless you are the type who needs sleep aids. Continue reading


NYTimes story on Exercise and Weight Loss
12 September 2006 (Tuesday), 7:10 pm
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Exercise = Weight Loss, Except When It Doesn’t

I’ve only had a chance to skim it, but it looks interesting. I have a bunch of other interesting links that ought to be posted at some point, though they probably won’t help out whoever it was who clicked through here from searches such as

photos of people at a fitness boot camp (I won’t violate my fellow boot campers’ privacy like that.)

justin timberlake pull ups (I have this ominous feeling those last two words might not refer to the exercise sometimes known as chin ups.)

sexy motherfucker prince free mp3 (Right.) Continue reading