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Risk assessment
18 November 2006 (Saturday), 11:27 pm
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The whole boil water advisory thing has got me thinking about risk. In the last year or so I’ve read things in the New York Times and Ideal Bite (which, if you’ve never heard of it, is an excellent newsletter and website about small, non-hippy changes you can make in the interests of sustainability and the environment) about the dangers of non-stick/Teflon pans. Apparently if overheated, the non-stick coating releases toxic gasses.

I like our stainless steel pots and pans. Cast iron cookware is great too. But I’ve been trying to cook with less oil and non-stick pans make that easier. Also, I have yet to get a cast iron pan seasoned enough that I’m able to cook eggs in it and not spend hours scraping the eggy residue off afterwards.

So I turned to the internet for answers to the question “are all non-stick pans dangerous?” So far, the internet hasn’t achieved consensus: Continue reading


I got da sick. (a whine)
16 November 2006 (Thursday), 10:35 pm
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In a meeting this morning I sneezed. I was fine over sushi at lunch with Mounir and his minions. By 2 pm, back at my desk, I was sniffling and making trips to the washroom every half hour or so for toilet paper (I don’t know where my emergency handkerchief and kleenex pack wandered, but they’re no longer in my filing cabinet). By 6 pm over dinner I was whining that I was dying, but it was still all in my sinuses. Now I’m still sniffling and sneezing, and my throat hurts too.

I skipped dance class tonight because I thought it best to keep my germs to myself. Because yesterday was my weekly day of rest from exercise, I need to do something workouty today. I guess I’ll do twenty pushups and some crunches on the stability ball and call it good.

I don’t recall being around anyone sickly lately, so who knows where I got this sudden-onset cold. I doubt it was from the disgustingly turbid, brown, murky tap water Vancouver’s currently providing, even though I did brush my teeth this morning with it before learning the boil water advisory had been issued. Still, I’d like to conclude that the moral of the story is that tooth brushing gives you colds.

The best part of yesterday’s storm? The old guy interviewed on TV, who’d moved away from the windows 5 minutes before a tree came crashing into the house on the spot he’d been, saying that his wife (before the tree crash) had called him “a chicken face.”

Chicken face chicken face chicken face.