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Remembrance Day means 19 days left of my 30 day trial
11 November 2006 (Saturday), 11:57 pm
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Grandpa/Ocean Voyager

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This portrait my brother took of my late grandfather a few years ago is better than anything I could write about Remembrance day. Instead I’m checking in with how the first 11 days of flossing, blogging and exercising have gone.

Flossing daily is pretty painless. This change in habit will probably stick: as I’m heading to bed I just remind myself that I can’t get into bed until I’ve flossed. It’s not that different from taking off my socks before getting into bed. Strange that it took me nearly until age 32 to realize this, but I’ll take it.

The daily blog posting is more tedious. I just don’t have that much to write about that I’m willing to put online and/or that fits with the general subject matter focus here. So after November I’ll likely go back to weeklyish blog posts, or find another topic/focus for a different blog, or just stop blogging all together. It’s not like there’s a lack of bloggy reading material online, so I don’t feel that compelled to add to the information glut. But this navel gazing/whining just adds to the problem, so I’ll endeavour to find more compelling subject matter for the next 19 days.

Exercising almost daily is somewhere in the middle of the hassle scale between flossing and blogging. This week (Wednesday, Friday and today) walking has been the default exercise choice despite climbing plans Wednesday and swimming plans today. I’m okay with that. Walking more (as a matter of habit) is another goal of mine and I haven’t been feeling slothful.

Swimming lost out to sleeping in this morning, and based on stuff I’ve read about sleep the sleep may have done me more good. Tomorrow I’ll need to get up earlier in order to work out with more intensity since I’ve got an appointment at 9 am at Granville Island Florists. If sleep again proves to be more compelling my goal is to fit in some Pilates or Dance Dance Revolution later in the day.


Excuses, excuses
10 November 2006 (Friday), 11:06 pm
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Reasons this whole self-imposed no-wheat-no-dairy-no-sugar regime wasn’t very realistic for more than four days:

1. Seven years ago today Mounir and I went out for our first dinner alone, so really, we had to do the same tonight. My stomach was being temperamental so we opted not to go to the Thai restaurant that was the site of our first date, and instead walked to our local chophouse. We didn’t have dessert but the bread that came while we were waiting for our starters was fresh and hot and good. So was the mushroom velouté on my polenta, and the red wine. I was super phlegm-y this morning despite 4 days of abstemiousness, so I think maybe there’s some other allergy at play.

2. Tomorrow afternoon we’re test tasting wedding cake. I’m looking forward to the wheat, sugar dairy trifecta.

Things that make me not want to exercise, a short and incomplete list:

1. fatigue
2. sore feet
3. phlegm and other ailments
4. rain

Despite the presence of all four demotivators, I walked to work this morning. It took until 2 or 3 pm for my trousers to dry out from the knee down; my socks only stopped feeling soggy an hour or so ago. Heavy showers laugh in the face of my compact folding umbrella.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for more rain. I’m planning to swim in the morning and hoping the hot tub and sauna afterwards will make me willing to face the rest of the day.

Recommitting to good habits
1 November 2006 (Wednesday), 9:47 pm
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Why does it seem more logical to turn over a new leaf at the start of a year, or month, or week, than at the beginning of a season or a lunar cycle? I’d rather be guided by natural cycles, but the truth is that I’m more driven by numbers. It’s easier to start something at 1 or 0 or Sunday or Monday, not on the 21st or 22nd or whenever the new moon falls, even if the 1s or 0s are fully arbitrary. And why is today Wednesday, anyway? When was the first day with a day of the week assigned to it, and who decided when that day would be, anyway? And have all Sundays/Dimanches/Domingos/Nichiyoubis/etc. always been aligned across countries and timezones and if not when did they get synched up?

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