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Flagging Commitment and Horoscopes
29 November 2006 (Wednesday), 10:37 pm
Filed under: NaBloPoMo

My alarm failed to wake me fully this morning, and when I next opened my eyes it was 5:40.  I chose to go back to sleep instead of racing to get there for the last half of boot camp.   It seemed like the right call at the time, but I’m glad Mounir’s back from Chicago not just because he’s a delightful companion and a joy to have around, but because I’m less likely to wimp out tomorrow and Friday because of fatigue and bad driving conditions with him here to witness it.

With the extra sleep this morning, though, I’m back to looking forward to the last two days of boot camp.  And to sleeping in after that, while still continuing this crazy fitness kick.  And to only blogging when I have something to write, as tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo.

Flailing around for something to say today, I was inspired by Rachael’s Free Will Astrology quote, and looked up Aquarius’s horoscope for the week:

 This week I propose that you feel gratitude for every person who has ever told you that you were inadequate, that there was something wrong with you, that you would never amount to anything. You might even carry out a little ceremony in which you bow down to an altar containing their photos or slips of paper on which their names are written. And why am I suggesting this? Because those jerks helped motivate you to become as cool as you are. And if I’m reading the omens correctly, it’s time to summon a huge new burst of creative energy as you disprove their misbegotten ideas about you even more completely.

The thing is, there aren’t many jerks who’ve told me I’m inadequate, so my problem is more that I never feel like I’m living up to my potential.  Sleeping in this morning triggered that feeling too.  But I heard a great snippet of an interview on CBC this morning (14 minutes in), apparently the coolest boy in Claire Messud’s grade 3 class singled out her and another girl as not being allowed to play Spin the Bottle.  She gets tremendous satisfaction that she’s now a novelist, the other girl became a soprano in an opera company, and the cool boy runs a sports bar.


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Rock on, I’m a Water Bearer as well. 2/12 baby!

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