Boot camp and beyond

28 November 2006 (Tuesday), 10:04 pm
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You know, like marginalia, except more random.  You may want to skip this, unless you are the type who needs sleep aids.

– I should have mentioned yesterday that the other automotive feature for which I’m particularly grateful is heated seats.

– This morning I came the closest yet of this boot camp session to just saying screw it** and going back to sleep. I only convinced myself to go by doing some faulty math that after the sleep and getting ready for work it would only really get me to work 45 minutes earlier.  Even though this proved to be false, I’m glad I went because today was game day.  We played tag, a ball tag-ish running game, and soccer.  We also did some running the length of the gym with weights, doing squats on one side and pushups on the other.  And we did some other exercises I’ve forgotten now.  Anyway, it was fun.  I have drunk the working out kool aid.

– ** I’m feeling profane lately.  One more thing to be grateful for: my grandmother doesn’t access the internet.

– Via I discovered a few interesting fitness and nutrition-related blogs:

*  Hey look, more about pomegranates from Health Tips.

* reviews fat-free, low carb, low calorie, etc. etc. ‘diet’ foods; generally I’m trying to eat less prepared food and I’d rather have full fat goodness in moderation, but it’s an interesting concept.

* The self-proclaimed Really Useful Fitness Blog seems to live up to its name: entries include 10 Weight Loss Tips from a Nutritionist and 7 tips on getting a fun and effective work out outside.

*  The numbers in this entry about how much exercise is required to lose a pound of fat are a bit shocking, but they seem to be leaving out the impact of exercise on your resting metabolic rate.

*  The FatFree Vegan Kitchen (“so delicious you’ll forget it’s good for you”), the World’s Healthiest Foods and Tales from a Veggie Kitchen seem promising, recipe-wise.


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Sweet! Thanks for all the great links. I’m regretting the breakfast sandwich I had this morning already, but now I’m REALLY going to do abs this afternoon. I MEAN IT!

Comment by SupaCoo

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