Boot camp and beyond

27 November 2006 (Monday), 11:13 pm
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At the end of each boot camp session, after the stretching, T’ai leads us through a deep breathing exercise. As we’re drawing the last breath, he usually asks us to breath in gratitude, and hold it while feeling everything we’re grateful for, possibly just having completed another day of boot camp. This morning’s session was sparsely attended — only nine of us braved the snowy roads, so the rest missed out on improving their sprinting technique — and I don’t remember the breath of gratitude. Fatigue may have erased the memory, but I’m grateful now.

I found out today that I’m getting a raise, so I’m grateful that others’ standards for my work are more reasonable and/or delusional than are my own. I’m grateful for one of my performance reviews, which started off “I’m a big fan of Christina.” And I’m grateful for a job that challenges me and is interesting and comes with an office with a big window, which today was overlooking this:

I’m grateful for four-wheel drive, which allowed me to get to boot camp, work, and over to the North Shore after work to see two sets of friends, the first very briefly.

I’m grateful for anti-lock brakes. They kicked in and prevented me from plowing in to the car in front of me on a particularly icy patch of road leading up to a stop sign, as I was driving between the two sets of friends.

I’m grateful for boot camp’s assistance in getting into shape, because otherwise I may have had a heart attack while it seemed like the brakes weren’t going to work, and what good are anti-lock brakes if you’re too busy having a heart attack to press on them?

Despite the treacherous road conditions, I’m grateful for the beauty of snow on branches.

I’m grateful for my friends and family. They’re all wonderful and that gratitufe is pretty constant. But today I’m especially grateful for Jamila and Sasan who fed me a delicious meal and were delightful company and indulged my photomania. And to their imminent new arrival, who conveniently did some kicking while I was feeling Jamila’s belly, accusing her of faking the pregnancy.

I’m grateful that Mounir will be back from Chicago on Wednesday. I’m so glad he’s part of my life and I’ve been missing him since he left on Saturday.

Finally, I’m grateful that the boil water advisory was lifted and I can go back to properly rinsing my toothbrush after I brush my teeth. It seemed wasteful to squander too much boiled or bottled water on removing all traces of toothpaste. I would have just swallowed the risk, no pun intended, but my bout of cryptosporidium the summer of 1996 made me very cautious when it comes to water safety. Travis was braver: you should go read his experiment with only drinking tap water, starting here. Also, his pictures of the snow in Vancouver are fucking gorgeous.


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