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I take it back.
23 November 2006 (Thursday), 11:00 pm
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” it is not my butt that hurts, nor my arms or upper back. No, it is my calves.”  I retract that statement.  Parts of my body that were sorer than sore as soon as I woke up this morning, and even more so after the very upper body weight lifting-intensive hour of stability ball boot campery:   my butt, my arms, my upper back, my shoulders (raising my arms above my head = excruciating), my calves, my thighs.  My abs are not too bad, but I’m pretty sure by tomorrow morning they’ll be sore.

Tonight was the last session of the intermediate/advanced swing dance class.   My aching muscles are thankful that it was less strenuous and more feeling-the-musicy.  First we did some walking across the floor paying attention to stretching, then sinking into the hip of the leg that had just stepped (forward, backward, and then with a pivoting rock step triple step).  Then we did a lot of playing around in closed, followed by a pattern of three swing outs, one circle, four bars of 6-count stuff (like tuck turn, change of place, inside or outside turn, possibly with the lead turning), then 8 counts of just hanging out and playing with the music.

I need to work more on a) connecting with the floor, b) connecting more with the lead’s hand on my back by sinking back like I’m sitting on the edge of a barstool, and c) enjoying the dancing more instead of worrying about how well I’m following.  Not so shockingly, it’s easier to follow well when I stop worrying about it.  Leo emphasized that it’s about the journey, not the destination.  At least until the next class series in January, focussed on moves and repertory; that class will apparently be all about the destination.


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Hi, I followed a path of links from a comment you left on one of my flickr pictures (yes, they are calla lillies) adn I feel you on the boot camp pain! I took group classes here in Seattle for several months before my wedding and it was one of the best things I could have ever done for both my body and mind. I’m sure you know that the pain is worth it.

Comment by Julie

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