Boot camp and beyond

Burning out the bug
20 November 2006 (Monday), 9:39 am
Filed under: Boot camp log, NaBloPoMo

This morning’s inaugural boot camp session was good fun. Things I’m particularly happy about:

1. I can run again! We ran around the new indoor location for two and a half songs to warm up, so not quite ten minutes, and my foot (and the rest of me) felt great. The weak part of my foot feels a tiny bit tender now, so I’ll contrast bath it tonight.

2. The intensity level was pretty high, and I mostly only coughed when I stopped moving. After the warmup we were alternating between agility courses (hoop-running, hurdles, agility ladder and running lines) and upper body weight-lifting at our mats (alternating incline rows, then an upright row-lateral raise-bicep curl-press up sequence, then tricep extensions lying down), and then did five or ten minutes of abdominals (plank, crunches, hip raises, bicycles) before stretching. I also worked up quite a sweat (which, in the two weeks of exercising on my own, really only happened with the Get RIPPED to the Core! DVD), so I’m hoping I burned and sweated out the rest of this cold.

3. After boot camp I went back to sleep for an hour. From 2:30am onwards it felt like I was waking up every ten minutes or so (from strange dreams of monster invasions and finding a wallet that was stolen years ago, and hanging out with people I haven’t seen since high school, and other people having affairs with Keira Knightley) — with that extra sleep I now feel ready to face the day.

4. This has nothing to do with boot camp, but did you know that London Drugs is one of the places you can get a marriage licence in Vancouver? It’s true.

Also, apparently it’s not against the law in British Columbia to marry your cousin. From the  Application for Marriage Licence pdf, “A man may not marry his Grandmother Mother Daughter Granddaughter Sister” and “A woman may not marry her Grandfather Father Son Grandson Brother” — you’d think now that same sex weddings are legal they’d add language preventing women from marrying their female relatives and men from marrying their male relatives.


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