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19 November 2006 (Sunday), 5:54 pm
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The plague is still making me cough and sneeze, etc. I’m so looking forward to waking up at 5 am tomorrow and heading to the first day of the My Adventure Boot Camp two week mini-camp.  I may actually need to wake up 15 minutes before five, in order to clear enough snot out of my head that I can run and do whatever else T’ai has in store for us.

I’m tired of whining, though, and lying on the couch coughing up lungs is getting boring so I’ve been reading the blogs of other NaBloPoMo participants. I clicked on blog titles pretty much at random (titles that appealed to me had a better hit-rate) and only got part way through the As (after the people-donating-prizes and numbers) before there were too many tabs open in my browser. Here are some entries I’ve particularly enjoyed, in no particular order:

1. Danielle at Socks on the Floor writing about why she wants a piano for Christmas.  I was never as good a pianist as it sounds like she was, but it still made me miss childhood piano lessons.  At some point I’d like a piano again too, and may take lessons again.

2. banjeroo is consistently funny, but I liked this entry because it a) pointed me towards isoglossia’s List of Grievances and b) reminded me to stop sniffing and “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BLOW [MY] NOSE!”

3. Susan of Fly On The Wall‘s photo tutorial of how to open a ketchup packet and the accompanying FAQ.

4. I’ve only checked out the Healthy Home category of Wayward Waif, so far, but from the entries on David Suzuki and on kimchi curing avian flu I want to read more of the site.

5. From The 8 to 5 Experiment, this funny story about a cake-hording co-worker.

6. I likeLeah of nine lives blog‘s idea of picking a cookbook from her apparently large collection and cooking from it for a week, in the vein of the Julie/Julia Project (still one of my favourite blogs ever).

7. At 1ideal-life, this interview with Ireland, age four or five, reminded me of something funny I read when looking at inspiration for wedding flowers last night.  From this (lengthy) user-profile at

“and the little flower girl to the right is my cousin. She is hilarious- she fell in love with one of the BM’s boyfriends and followed him around all night. She even told him she was in high school- when he laughed and asked what grade she was in, she said: third grade- but don’t tell my mom. Then she walked around all night with a cup of water and told everyone it was an “adult drink” but not to tell her mom. She is four and a half btw.”

8. 26.2 miles vs. Naomi seems generally excellent, but you might as well start with today’s entry on what she’s “doing here”, where here = Senegal.

9. Everything I’ve read at a cup of tea and a wheat penny also seems generally excellent, and again I’m linking to the most recent entry, a paean to Wired.

10. I learned from a diary of great disproportion that “Lucozade is not appropriate for replacing the fluid lost during diarrhoea”.   I am bewildered by that.

11. A Horrible Warning’s completion of a 10 mile run is highly inspiring.  I hope this 2 week boot camp session gets me back in the habit of running.  Maybe I’ll even take my running shoes with me on vacation to the Philippines.

12. A Hole in the Fence‘s post about doing yoga with her daughter is also inspiring.  Not that I have a child with whom to do yoga, but I do have yoga videos.

13. This wine review at a later date reminds me that I miss wine.  (No alcohol during Wild Rose Detox + no alcohol during boot camp = no wine for most of November.)

14. The advice generator idea from A Smeddling Kiss is genius.

15. As I was clicking on titles I found a number of abandoned NaBloPoMo attempts.  You can see visual documentation of that in the graph at a work in progress.

I’d intended to also leave comments on all these entries. My wireless connection (to our own router, I only rarely steal bandwidth) keeps dropping, though, so that’s enough internet for now.


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Hee, I already got a hit from your link! I love seeing how people find me…thanks for visiting!

Boot camp sounds intense. I hope it goes well…I find your going sick inspiring :)

Comment by Horrible Warning

Hey thanks for the reference and the link. Glad you liked the post.

Hope that plague is treating you better.

Comment by Sophie

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