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Falling off wagons
17 November 2006 (Friday), 10:31 pm
Filed under: Dancing, Flossing, Food, NaBloPoMo

1. I didn’t floss last night, because I slept in the den to avoid contaminating Mounir with my disgusting cold (my idea, not his) and therefore didn’t have to go past the floss on my way to bed. I’m sleeping in the den again tonight but will get back on that daily flossing horse.

2. My exercise today consisted of pumping water through a filter Mounir got when he was in Africa nearly a decade ago, because boiling the really gross water that is coming out of our taps doesn’t make it any less cloudy. I thought about doing crunches, and decided that the return to boot camp on Monday is close enough for jazz. Establishing a habit where I exercise even when sick enough that I stayed home from work and slept all day = not on.

3. I really miss cheese, and there’s some asiago in our fridge that is calling my name. I’m resisting its siren call and not falling off the detox diet, but it’s only today I started missing verboten foods. Oh, I’m also craving Jaffa Cakes, which I haven’t eaten in about two years. This evening I didn’t take the Laxaherb portion of the detox pills, because either that or the water is causing issues.

To offset all that whininess and failure, the following YouTube videos from the 2006 Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown make me happy and make me want to be a better dancer:


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Two steps forward, and one step back, is an okay thing to do sometimes. I’m talking about working on goals, not the dancing. I don’t think you should be working out when sick – come on!

Comment by Rachael

I agree. It was more the not flossing that bugged me, but I’m not using the one day lapse as an excuse to stop doing it daily so it all works out.

Comment by Christina

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