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Numbers and loopiness
13 November 2006 (Monday), 11:46 pm
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Loopy is how I have been most of the day. It could be because I am an idiot about going to bed so only slept 5.5 hours last night, or it could be because yesterday I was only taking a third to a half dose of the drops that go with the (arguably just as smelly and vile) three different kinds of herbal pills on this detox thing. 10-15 != 30.  I have no idea why I thought it was 10 drops twice daily instead of 30.  For someone who has two degrees in what could be considered applied math, I can be very stupid about simple arithmetic.

It’s probably a combination of going up to full strength on the drops and the fatigue that have made me feel out of it today, but I’m very glad today is a stat holiday in BC because I wouldn’t have been at all productive at work.  Still, it was a good day.

This morning Mounir and I went grocery shopping to stock up for the rest of the detox cleanse. Safeway had a bunch of buy-multiples-and-get-air-miles deals, so the bags were very heavy. As we struggled from the elevator to our door, he was accusing me of having chosen lighter bags. I conceded that he might have more heavy canned tomatoes in his but we needed the bathroom scales to settle it. He was carrying just over 50 lbs of food and I was carrying just over 40 lbs. Excel quickly showed, though, that he was only carrying 24% of his weight while I was carrying 31%. Mounir thought this resorting to ratios instead of absolute numbers, since we’re not on The Biggest Loser, was unfair and made me the biggest sore loser. I claimed it made me the strongest-but-obviously-not-physically-biggest loser.

That wasn’t the extent of my exercise for the day, though. Rachael and I went on an excellent ~90 minute hike through the UBC Endowment Lands.  There were a lot of dogs and their owners out on the trails, and a bunch of runners too.  (I’m both dreading and looking forward to getting back to running with the mini adventure boot camp next week.)  Anyway, the fresh air and trees and being surrounded by greenery were all great, and even greater was that the sun was out from behind the clouds by the end of it. Best of all, Mounir had dinner almost ready when I got home so we had an early dinner of grilled tuna, steamed broccoli and carrots, brown rice and lemon-dill tahini sauce. It was delicious.

NaBloPoMo seems a little bit greater today than it did before. SupaCoo‘s comment on my previous entry led me to her very amusing blog. Her exercise-related posts led me this insane-sounding NFL abdominal workout. 250 reps (of 17 exercises) in less than 7 minutes = just over 35 reps per minute. That sounds more reasonable than it probably is — I have no idea what my pace is for crunches or bicycles or whatever. The math intrigues me, I may have to try it this week.


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Wait a minute. It says 7 minutes. I didn’t say that was possible for anyone, you know, who’s not in the NFL and working out 12 hours a day. Tomorrow is day three of that. Why do I torture myself so, tell me??

Comment by SupaCoo

If you figure it out, please tell me why I’m doing the same. I haven’t yet braved the insanely-paced NFL thing, though, so perhaps you’re more bent on self-torture than I am.

Comment by Christina

So, I did the workout tonight and it took 17 minutes. It helps a lot that I know the routine now and I don’t have to read the instructions each time, but really? It still sucks. Try it!

(Exactly like “Hey, I think this milk is spoiled. Try it.”)

Comment by SupaCoo

How can I resist that!? Okay, I’m trying it Friday or Saturday. Expect blog whining.

Comment by Christina

Wow, you sure know how to live it up on the weekends! Don’t get too crazy now…

Comment by SupaCoo

I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. Please take a look at mine, it is about detoxification.

Comment by gmh

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