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Gang Aft Agley-ing
8 November 2006 (Wednesday), 11:47 pm
Filed under: Climbing, NaBloPoMo, Outside boot camp log

Okay, so it wasn’t one of the best laid plans, but the plan to go climbing after work didn’t pan out. As I was leaving work I realized I’d left my harness and climbing shoes in a bag at home. Michael was going anyway and I didn’t want to let this near-daily work out habit slip so I resigned myself to paying the stupid tax and renting gear I already own. When we arrived at Cliffhanger it looked packed. Assuming the hordes were going to increase the waiting around:climbing ratio, I was no longer willing to pay for the opportunity to stuff my feet into shoes in which who knows how many other people had sweated. So I walked back to work.

I was still at work when Michael came back from bouldering, so at least I had company for most of the walk home. Given that I walked to and from work, and Cliffhanger, and a meeting, and lunch, I still consider myself to have exercised today. From Gmaps Pedometer, it appears I walked at least 5.7496 miles. Some of that was uphill both ways, too. So that my biceps and triceps won’t atrophy, tomorrow morning I’ll do some push ups and dips and next week I’ll be climbing on Tuesday. With my red shoes that no one but me has sweated in.


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