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Dietary changes
6 November 2006 (Monday), 10:37 pm
Filed under: Food, NaBloPoMo, Outside boot camp log

Instead of doing the Wild Rose Detox, I’m just cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar until I no longer feel like doing so. How’s that for commitment? I just really don’t feel like dealing with the “laxaherb” portion of the detox pills. But this morning marks the beginning of my abstention from wheat, dairy and all forms of sugar, assuming you (like me) don’t count whey protein as dairy. Or the fake sweetening they put in the chocolate protein powder as sugar. Hmm, there more than likely was wheat in the leftover pumpkin kibbeh the in-laws packed up for me after dinner last night. But the leftover delicious green bean and tomato stew and mujadara (lentils & rice) that made up my the remainder of my lunch and dinner were totally kosher, so to speak.

In an attempt to make myself feel better about this less than complete elimination of the components of my diet that may or may not be increasing my congestion and phlegminess, I decided to read more extreme, hippy-diet type blog entries, like this one on superfoods (to make a grocery list for tomorrow) and this one on green drinks that are not so good. The one I’ve been drinking doesn’t contain wheat or fermented soy, which is good. It still tastes like crap, which is less good. If I made my own I could add basil, but I don’t have that kind of time. Or a juicer.

The protein shake kept me going through my last personal training session in the near future. We did yet another move that felt much harder than you’d think it ought to: lying on a mat with arms by my side and my forehead and upper body flat on the mat (to protect the lower back), I lifted my legs a reasonable but not huge distance off the floor and moved them back and forth, as though making a narrow and wing-less snow angel while faceplanted. That was one of the longest minutes (or possibly two) of my life.


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