Boot camp and beyond

“It’s all muscle memory and motivation from here on out”
2 November 2006 (Thursday), 9:57 pm
Filed under: Dancing, NaBloPoMo, Outside boot camp log

The male host of Dancing with the Stars said something like that in the few minutes I caught of it earlier in the week. He might have said chutzpah not motivation, or popularity, or something like that. But it’s motivation (and publishing my silly goals on the internet) and muscle memory that will keep me going.

Right now at least three of my muscles would like to be iced, and my left hamstring is the most insistent, but my brain and its fatigue are stronger. I just got home from a Jungle Swing dance class I only signed up for this morning after getting an email about it:

The focus of this series is versatility: develop the ear and skills to appreciate and dance to different types of jazz music.
At each dance we hear a variety of tempos, complexities, styles, and energy levels of music. This series is devoted to connecting with these different sounds and sharing that connection on the social dance floor with your partner.

I hadn’t been dancing since early May, initially because I was too busy and then because my foot was injured. The class got my heart rate up and got me moving, so that counts as a decent workout for today, but more than that it kicked my brain into dance mode. Very fun, but also very exhausting. Too exhausting for me to write anything worth reading about just now. And I still need to floss my teeth before getting to bed. Mounir just got home from playing floor hockey and he looks even more exhausted than me.

Tomorrow I have painted myself into a corner, I am realizing. I have friends coming over after work, which means I not only need to exercise in the morning but also clean up the (mostly presentable) apartment, and I need to be at work by 7:30 at the latest because I have a ridiculous number of things to get done. So I’ll be rising at 5 or thereabouts. Ah well, it will be a trial run for getting back into the boot camp schedule. Here’s hoping muscle memory and motivation will be enough.

(NaBloPoMo note: I’m editing the timestamp on this to be 9:57 Thursday night, as that’s when I thought I hit Publish, but actually just hit Save. Tiredness leads to moronitude.)


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