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Progress: the wardrobe measure
23 October 2006 (Monday), 11:35 pm
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Friday after work Rachael and I walked from my work, along the Sea Wall and up the hill to my place before picking up Kirsti and heading over to Mandy‘s to eat and knit and stuff. At one point Rachael mentioned her theory on Winners, which is that you always find something but it’s never what you went there looking for. Saturday was the exception that proved the rule, for me: I went looking for a suit (ideally black); with Mounir’s assistance (I’m not marrying him because he’s so good at picking out clothes that look great on me, but it’s a very nice perk), I found and acquired three, one of which was black. Which was great — I like wearing suits to work and it was time for some more variety. However, since I’d bought two other suits at a consignment store on Granville earlier in the week, it was also time to clean out the closet.

I don’t like throwing things out. Part of it is a pathological horror of wasting things, but most of it comes from liking anything that provides a physical reminder of temps perdu. This makes it challenging to fit everything in my side of the closet. It has a small upside, though. In going through everything and figuring out what I really need to give away/donate/consign, I discovered:

– I once again fit in the navy wool suit I had made to measure in Singapore in May 2004; once I lose another inch or two the trousers and skirt may even allow me to sit down

– I’m still slightly bigger in the torso than I was in June of 1997, when I spent my signing bonus from an internship with Nortel on a orange and red print dress at Mexx: it fits, but the side zip isn’t as loose as it was then

– I’m about the same size as I was in September of 1997, when I bought a cute black top and not-quite-miniskirt outfit at Mexx. I love it all over again. It is now filed with the fine-for-outside-of-work clothes, though. I probably should have had a no-skirts-above-the-knee-at-work policy all along, but whatever. Spilt milk, burnt cookies.

– There’s still more junk in my trunk than there was in January 2004 when I bought a skirt and a cheapish suit in London in anticipation of possible interviews (which ended up being phone interviews and by then I had the Singapore suit anyway), but if they don’t fit less glumpily in a month or two I’m getting rid of them without guilt. I guess I never wore them enough for them to accrue layers of memories. Or maybe I never liked them that much to start with.

Anyway, the wardrobe measure of how fit I am is inspiring when it means I can wear my favourite clothes or know that it’s only a matter of a few more crunches or lunges or squats. It’s a good thing too, as this morning’s grueling lower body-focused (at Chrissy’s request) session with T’ai required every ounce of motivation I could muster. It was fun but we did a lot of different exercises in quick succession, which made the half hour feel excessively long.

Brief intertubes report:

I ran across this blog post about turning into a runner. It’s funny and also inspiring. I did a lot of walking on the weekend and today and my foot is sore, so I still have a reasonable excuse for not running but I would rather not have it. I’m planning to swim before work tomorrow morning instead of lacing up the running shoes.

I’m also grateful to Mandy’s post linking to this one about prettiness . To this, I say word:

“But in the hierarchy of importance, pretty stands several rungs down from happy, is way below healthy, and if done as a penance, or an obligation, can be so far away from independent that you may have to squint really hard to see it in the haze. “


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Congratulations on doing so well at Winners. They should throw something extra in for free when you go there and find what you were actually looking for. ;)

Comment by Rachael

They totally should.

Comment by Christina

Very amusing…but I think you have to find a way to account for possible clothing shrinkage due to many washings over time. This always messes me up when I try to tell if I’m actually bigger/smaller/the same size as when I bought something a while back. Congrats on the suits though! ;)

Comment by Amanda

This is true, but the Singapore suit and the dress are dryclean only, so I’m assuming their size in constant. The top and skirt that’s fitting may have shrunk, so maybe I’m slightly fitter than I was 9 years ago. But good point, I will add this factor to my methodology.

Comment by Christina

very nice

Comment by amanda

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