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Essential fatty acids, seafood and serendipity
19 October 2006 (Thursday), 11:27 pm
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GMail showed me a link to this article When Fish Isn’t the Best Source for Fish Oil This amused me, because yesterday T’ai gave Chrissy and me a bottle each of Udo’s Oil to apologize for having to miss our session on Monday (we also have a make-up session scheduled for tomorrow), and because yesterday I was thinking about the amount of fish I’ve been consuming.

The article screwed up one of its recommendations, though:

“most of us can enjoy farm-raised fish as often as we want, since they are not as generally not as contaminated as wild fish.”

Apart from that redundant not as, if you check the Oceans Alive links you’ll see that wild salmon is less contaminated than farmed salmon.

I’m pretty certain I’m getting enough essential fatty acids in my diet: on top of two tablespoons daily of Udo’s, fish is one of my major sources of protein (along with whey powder, eggs, and cottage cheese.) Especially after yesterday morning’s lower body targetting session, which left sore leg and butt muscles I didn’t know I had, I’m happy for the Essential Fatty Acids to “prevent muscle break down, and speed recovery from fatigue” (that’s from the Udo’s Oil description, but there’s more here on the functions of EFAs.)

I’m mildly concerned about mercury consumption, though. Most of the fish I eat is on the good side of this list, linked to by that article. As the daughter of former commercial fisherman I’m also fairly vigilant about asking if salmon in restaurants is wild, not farmed. Usually it’s mentioned already in the menu. But I’m definitely exceeding the 2-3 servings/week recommendation, so it may be worth getting a hair sample tested. My hair dresser told me on Saturday that I ought to install a filter on my shower because copper in the pipes is making the ends of my hair brassy, and then I found some hippy-dippy websites that made a copper imbalance sound like that was going to kill me, or at least make me stupid (along with the mercury). Sometimes Dr. Google is a jerk and makes me paranoid. I can’t decide if GMail giving me that link was good serendipity or if this paranoia will cause me to turn into one of those people who grows their own sprouts and talks about the enzymes in raw food or something.

In a more positive incidence of serendipity, a few hours after finding the fish oil article I ran across Losing My Veginity, an excellent account by Trish Kelly of her first encounter with seafood after years of vegetarianism. Along with providing links to two other programs that evaluate the impact of eating different species of fish (Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program), it’s both more insightful and evocative of the joy of eating seafood. I’m planning to read the rest of the Tyee’s Guilt-Free Hedonist series once I catch up on sleep; I hope it either staves off the urge to grow sprouts or makes it seem fun.


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