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The burn and the ache: thoughts the day after my second morning of personal training
5 October 2006 (Thursday), 10:20 am
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Yesterday morning’s session was intense enough to turn my face into a tomato, and Chrissy (my training partner) also felt it was more strenuous than Monday’s.   We both needed that Thai Massage stretch at the end (see previous post).  My balance is good enough that tree pose is reasonably easy, but I felt quite unstable doing combined one-legged squat/10 lb rows, and later bicep curls while standing on a Bosu ball.  One-legged dips on the bench were okay on the balance front, but by the 35th or so (out of 40) I kept going only because T’ai was encouraging me to do so. 

Today I am feeling the ache.  While I like it as a sign that I pushed myself (or was pushed) fairly hard, I don’t like it as much as the burn during the actual movement.  The particularly strong ache in my shoulders is probably from the exercise where I was punching forward with the resistance tube handles in my hands and T’ai was several feet back putting tension on the tube and moving it unpredictably side-to-side and up-and-down.  From the burning in my shoulders it was obvious at the time it was going to cause this soreness later.  I just wish my next massage was scheduled for sooner than next Wednesday.

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