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Functional fitness, dysfunctional exercise
1 October 2006 (Sunday), 2:47 pm
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Burrard Bridge

Burrard Bridge
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Thursday evening, after presenting some work I’d done at a meeting of the local CORS chapter at UBC Robson Square, I decided to walk home over the Granville Street bridge instead of catching the bus. The view was similar view to this, but without the snow.

I worked up a sweat and felt great about my level of functional fitness in terms of being able to walk at a good clip carrying 20 or so pounds of stuff but it was very dysfunctional exercise. The sun was setting and it was really lovely but as the bag kept bumping into my thigh as I crossed the bridge it came to me: the unbalanced and non-ergonomic weight of the laptop and the other bag slung over my right shoulder and the projector I was carrying with my left arm was probably undoing the benefit of the great upper back massage and adjustment session earlier in the day at the RMT and chiropractor’s.

My upper back is way less tense than it was last week; Dr. B the chiropractor speculated this was because I haven’t been exercising as intensely now that boot camp’s over, and it’s giving my body a chance to heal. He’s probably right.

Still, I have been active. Sunday my parents and Mounir and I rented bikes made the Sea Wall circuit around Stanley Park. Mounir and I were on a tandem bike and he claimed he did most of the peddling. It’s quite possible he did more than his share, but I got an upper body workout hanging on for dear life: I was sitting behind Mounir and couldn’t see where we were going, nor could I steer anything other than his seat. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. Yay for Stanley Park. When it’s sunny Vancouver is one of my favourite cities.

But back to the settling of exercise accounts: I walked to work Monday, and home from work Tuesday. Wednesday I did 30 minutes of Pilates (I really like my Crunch: Pick Your Spot DVD, see link below; I also ordered the other DVDs linked below because that one no longer feels intense enough), Thursday there was the sweaty walk home over the bridge, and Friday and Saturday mornings I did yoga for twenty and sixty minutes, respectively.

My yoga video’s suffering from dysfunctional exercise as well. When I rewound it yesterday it jammed. Mounir has fixed it, but I’m ordering the DVD version (also linked below) just in case. In my last year of undergrad I took twice weekly yoga classes at the McGil gym (conveniently right across the street from my studio apartment) with Lyne St-Roch and she’s really really great. She was teaching those classes in English but I like that the video’s in French. It makes me feel like I’m multitasking, both building “force, endurance, souplesse, stabilité, équilibre” and reminding myself of vocabulary. Not that I need the French word for shin that often.

Today I am resting, for tomorrow I will be doing the first of several twice weekly partner personal training sessions with T’ai and one of my new boot camp friends. We start at 7 am, which is much more humane than boot camp’s 5:30 start, but I have a feeling it will kick my ass. I can’t wait.

The promised links: A list of exercise DVDs I own or will soon own

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Waitaminute!!! When do you have time for walking when you already have all that on the go?!?! Let’s figure out the walking meetup tonight. I think you’re coming, right?

Comment by Rachael

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