Boot camp and beyond

Last day of boot camp (Day 20)
22 September 2006 (Friday), 9:50 am
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I’m tired, but I’m quite pleased with my results over the last four weeks. I slowly jogged/sped walked the mile in 11:15, on the grass on the inside of the track because my foot complained less about landing on a springier surface. Then in the strength test I did 36 regular push ups. The last few were largely thanks to Jenny, who was spotting me and provided motivation to keep going. I’d done the same for her — she was aiming for 22 modified (from the knees) push ups, and managed 36. We were both beaming at our new-found strength.

So tomorrow I find out my new body fat composition, and once I catch up on sleep over the weekend I’m coming up with a plan for how to continue to grow and improve fitness and health-wise. My foot’s doing a lot better (obviously, or I wouldn’t be jogging) and I’m fired up by my progress.

I am stating officially, here and now: I love the burn.  Everyone had run and pushed up quickly enough that we had time for more abdominal exercises before stretching, and I enjoyed both the bicycles and the crunches.  The scissors, which we did before the other two, took more effort to love, but I focussed on the muscles that were complaining and embraced the sensation instead of getting beaten down by it.

I also love my new RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) and chiropractor. They were recommended by T’ai and my initial session with each was compliments of My Adventure Boot Camp, but I went yesterday for my second session and plan to use up all my massage and chiro benefits by the end of the year. They are both very very good at what they do. And I’ve got a tremendous amount of tension stored in my upper back. Rob, the RMT, said “Christina! Unacceptable.” as soon as he started working on it, and I tend to agree. I left feeling light headed, and I’m sure having the knot in my shoulder worked on helped me in the push ups today.

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Congratulations on getting through boot camp despite your “handicap.”

I wonder if there is a way we could do something together to keep fit? I don’t run but I love walking. Maybe we could get together twice a week as part of our separate routines, to do a long walk (min hour)?

Comment by Rachael

I’d be into that. Walking is much easier to love than running, for me, and accountability to someone else/social contact while exercising is motivating. We should discuss this tomorrow whilst taking pictures of birds.

Comment by Christina

You two should do the sea wall. I would do the sea wall, but I stupidly moved to London, so all I get is a twice weekly ride through ‘fog’ to New Covent Garden Market.

Also, congrats on the pushup count. I curse this Jenny (gently) but stand by my word: check here for the blog address in the next week.

Comment by Arthur

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