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7 September 2006 (Thursday), 9:28 pm
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As we were getting ready for work this morning I asked Mounir if he was into taking a dance class together, once my foot is up to it but before our wedding.

“What do you think?” he parried.

“I think yes.”

“I think no.”

“So we’re going to dance like dweebs for our first dance?” I asked.

“No, you’ll dance like a dweeb; I’ll be doing the Running Man.”

I laughed. He got me tango lessons for Christmas almost four years ago*, but I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten it all.** I’ve been wanting to take another lindy hop beginner’s class as a lead, since the one I did last winter seemed to make me a better follow too, but Mounir’s not convinced swing dancing’s any less goofy than the Running Man.

* There’s a longer story to this, but I need to get to bed. Also, it doesn’t have much to do with learning to love the burn.

** I haven’t, and did more tango classes in London (along with salsa and dancesport). Given the current pain in my foot, which worsened today, any of that nonsense would be ill advised right now. I got a referral from my GP for physio, so I’m hoping dancing is a possibility sooner rather than later.

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Now that I’ve actually met Mounir, I can hear his saying these things to you. You guys are funny.

Comment by Rachael

Running man. Hee hee… I wish I could take a photo of the picture in my head. ;)

Comment by Mandy

Ha. Yes, Mounir and I just need to agree on a song so that I can add audio to my quite vivid mental film.

Comment by Christina

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