Boot camp and beyond

Earning the opportunity to build upper body strength.
7 September 2006 (Thursday), 10:36 am
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I should know better than to put into writing anything universe-provoking like “It’s probably partly the Week 2 buzz kicking in, and partly getting to “sleep in” until 5:20 am, but I’m feeling good this morning.” The Week 2 buzz kicked out as quickly as it kicked in, and I’ve been very tired every morning since Monday. It may be because my foot’s still sore — after work Tuesday and Wednesday I only had the energy to ice it and lie on the couch, eating dinner that was as non-labour-intensive as possible.

The highlights of boot camp so far this week:

Tuesday, I did the agility ladder and hurdles at a much slower pace than the able-footed, and marched around with arm weights while they did sprint training. It was a bit frustrating because those are two of the activities I’ve grown to enjoy over previous boot camps. This frustration was almost entirely offset by the new, fun experience of doing assisted pull ups — with my knees being supported/lifted from below, I did somewhere between 5 and 10 of them. I look forward to one day being able to do more, unassisted, but it was a fun start.

On Wednesday we did a bunch of mostly strength-training exercises. Regarding the burn holding a wall squat for two minutes, or holding a plank from the elbows for a minute, or pulsing a zillion (20) times at the top of a crunch — I wouldn’t say I loved it or even like-liked it, but I liked it enough to want to do it again.

This morning my watch beep-beeped a few minutes before 0500, and I pressed the button to shut it up. I didn’t wake up fully because I’m pretty sure I thought it was a snooze button I was pressing.

My watch doesn’t have a snooze button.

Next time I opened my eyes, the clock radio was redly glaring 5:17 at me. Crap.

I threw clothes on and filled my water bottle while Mounir (who’d woken up at 4:30 or something ridiculous like that) popped some minty Tums in my mouth since I didn’t have time to brush my teeth. I was out the door in record time, but still arrived at least two minutes late. This meant I earned the opportunity to build upper body strength, i.e. do 20 push ups before joining the group. I rolled out my mat and did regular ones; only the last three or four were a struggle.

Given my fatigue it was tempting to just say “oh well, I slept in” and to go back to sleep instead of rushing to get to boot camp, especially when I knew push ups were waiting for me. I’m glad I didn’t, though, since the whole point of this is to get into the habit of consistently deciding to just do it.

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Way to go! The hardest part about doing anything (but especially exercise) is developing the discipline to make it a regular routine. I’ve been struggling for most of the summer to do this myself at home, and I think it’s starting to stick. I just want to be in better shape, but exercising isn’t fun…

Comment by Rachael

I know that struggle too well. Part of my problem is that I’m more motivated when I’m accountable to other people instead of just to myself. Which is why boot camp is easier than getting up an hour later and working out on my own.

It’s like Ogden Nash wrote:

O Duty,

Why hast thou not the visage of a sweetie or a cutie?

Why glitter thy spectacles so ominously?

Why art thou clad so abominously?

Comment by Christina

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