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4 September 2006 (Monday), 9:19 am
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When I was little my parents had a plaque hanging on their bathroom wall that said:

There ought to be a better way
to start the day
than by getting up in the morning

I tend to agree. I don’t mind waking up early but I’m not quite a morning person. The quiet’s nice, sunrises are generally gorgeous and there’s a little thrill in knowing fewer people see them than see sunsets. But I’m not so much a get-up-and-get-productive person. I’m not quite as bad as Beth but I know where she’s coming from. So you would think that rising just before 5 a.m. and being out of the apartment 15 minutes later would not be my cup of tea at all.

The key, though, is that it takes at least half an hour for my brain to wake up to the point where it’s generating reasons to go back to bed or much thought at all, by which time I’m already working out. For instance, as I was driving in I noticed there seemed to be more cards on the road than usual. “That’s odd for a holiday Monday,” I thought. Around 6:45 T’ai was having me walk up (forward) and down (backward) a slight incline to improve the range of motion in my foot while everyone else was running around the block, and it dawned on me: “You were on the roads at just before 6 instead of just before 5:30, of course more people are up and about, dumbass.”

It’s probably partly the Week 2 buzz kicking in, and partly getting to “sleep in” until 5:20 am, but I’m feeling good this morning. We did a lot of lower body exercises today (squats, lunges, calf raises, etc.); there were only a few where I had to take it slightly easy because of my ankle. We also did extra stretches — I think we went a bit over the hour. It was light-ish out at 6, and by 6:30 the rising sun was gently but gorgeously pinkening all these little fluffy clouds to the east. I wished for my camera, though carrying it along with the 5 & 10 lb handweights, my exercise mat and my water bottle would be a hassle.

After I put the weights, mat and bottle in the back seat after boot camp, I noticed the blackberry bushes right next to the car still had a few, small but perfectly ripe fruit left. I brought some blackberries home for Mounir to make up for our alarm clock going off at 5:20 — I’m not sure where I’ve put the sports wristwatch that usually wakes me up. The quieter watch alarm sometimes wakes him up too. We’re somewhat even on the waking each other up front: the clock radio went off at 3 a.m. yesterday so that he could go salmon fishing in Hope. He made up for that by bringing home the most delicious sockeye ever.

Anyway, since I couldn’t take pictures of the little fluffy clouds, here’s a link to The Orb video of the song with that title.

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Did they still have that plaque when I was born? How come I don’t know about it? And mum, if you’re reading this, can you bequeath it to me? I’m way less of a morning person than Christina.

Comment by Arthur

I last remember it on Field Road, so maybe it got disposed of in the early 80s. If it’s still around I won’t contest your claim.

Comment by Christina

I trust you know that I gave it to Art, as he used to be the one who disliked mornings. But the funny thing is, before reading your comments, he laughed, “Yes, I remember that. And Jason really took it to heart, solving the problem by getting up in the afternoon.” So, yes, if we find it, it’s yours Jason.

Comment by Mum

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