Boot camp and beyond

Boot camp: Day 5
1 September 2006 (Friday), 8:41 am
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The bruises are uglier and purpler today than yesterday but I’m feeling better so I’ll spare people the photos. I’ve iced my foot off and on since getting home from this morning’s session and now I’m just waiting for my broccoli, cauliflower (good fibrous carbs, both of them) and lima beans (good starchy carbs) egg-white (yay protein) omelette to set.

This morning’s boot camp involved a bunch of arm exercises (with hand weights), a bunch of running (during which I climbed the stairs in various ways) and a bunch of abdominals work. After these horrible scissory crunches and bicycles T’ai asked for a vote on whether we should stretch next or do one more abs exercise; I’m saddened to admit I voted for stretching, but we did the abs instead. It seems the burn felt when working on the core is not yet the cousin for me.

It’s possible the 5lb hand weights are just too light for me now, but I was enjoying the feeling during the bicep curls and push ups with rows and other arm antagonizing moves. I would have used my 10lb weights for some of them but, because of my ankle, I’d left them in the car. It’s good it seems to be healing quite quickly, but I hate being limited by it.* I’m used to my lungs being a limiting factor in how hard I can exercise, not my limbs; one of the great things about the intensity of boot camp is that the regular exercise strengthens my lungs enough that they don’t hold me back as much. In fact, that was the best part of July’s camp — near the end I got to the point when running when it felt like my lungs would let me go a bit faster if only my thighs weren’t maxing out.

I’d hoped to make more progress on the breathing front this camp, which is why this injury is so frustrating. But since my core needs work too and it seems more in line with my commitment to learning to love the burn, I’m swapping goals/focus. Boot camp continues on Monday despite it being Labour Day, and over the weekend I’m planning to do a bit of Pilates and some swimming. I’m writing it here so that I actually do it.

My omelette ended up more scrambled/hash-y than omelettey, but it’s delicious. Or rather, it was. Now: on with the day.

* I also hate the ongoing ache of it. Yesterday I found myself thinking, “Pain is no fun.” Earthshattering news, details at 11.

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