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Arms and shoulders: less sore than my right foot
29 August 2006 (Tuesday), 9:15 pm
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Push ups in the morning followed by climbing (three 5.7 routes and three 5.8 routes — lately I’ve been doing a few 5.9s, but was too tired today) yesterday evening resulted in a little upper-body soreness today; my fatigue-induced clutziness resulted in far more pain in my foot. I sent the following email to my friend Tim this afternoon. He had an MRI done on his foot last year when it went all kerflooey, so I figured he’d be sympathetic.

You know how I was all about learning to love the burn? Yeah, now I’m about learning to love the stabbing pain in my foot. On the way home from climbing yesterday evening I was jaywalking, so when a car swung around the corner heading towards me I ran the last few steps towards the sidewalk, tripped, and fell against the curb while turning my right foot. Good times. I cursed not having a cell as I hobbled two blocks to a pay phone. Mounir came and picked me up and drove me to the ER, but it was going to be a 5 hour wait for an xray so I decided to alleviate congestion and add to their balking-the-queue statistics. I-C-Ed it for a couple of hours before bed.

I went in to the GP’s office this morning, my GP wasn’t there and the receptionist was snotty until I explained I didn’t care who I saw. The doc said I definitely didn’t break my ankle, and I might have cracked a bone somewhere but even if I did it wouldn’t change what he’d suggest: no running for a few days, wear solid running shoes, take some advil, don’t jaywalk. So he advised skipping waiting around for xrays and just take it easy. I picked up a cane at the pharmacist in the lobby, so now I feel decrepit and invalid and old before my time. I’m picking up some work at the office and then going home to work reclined on the couch with my foot up.

Here endeth the whine.

In his reply, Tim was indeed sympathetic and added “Keep me apprised of foot developments, but I concur with the doctors recommendations.” Which led to this Gmail chat:

Tim: how be the footsie?

me: Sore. I’m about to go home. I liked your agreement with the GP, Dr. B.

Tim: hey, a non informed opinion can help sometimes :)

but don’t use that as an excuse not to do pushups

me: Damnit.

My first thought, upon falling, even before “am I able to stand up?”, was “shit, I don’t think I’ll be at boot camp tomorrow” closely followed by “what about the 18 weekdays of bootcamp after tomorrow!?”

Hey, did I tell you my cane is paisley? I’m stylin’ and profilin’.

Tim: nieeece do you swagger as well? you need to have that

me: I’m not quite coordinated enough with it yet, but I’ll work on that.

Tim: you should and mumble…

where my bitches at…

…gotta bring a sista her paper…

me: It’s hard out here for a pimp.

I went to tonight’s sports nutrition seminar anyway, and (after he’d complimented me on my pimptastic paisley cane) discussed options with T’ai before it started. Transfering to the next boot camp session was a possibility, but he suggested a wait-and-see approach (much like the GP), along with lots of iceing to minimize inflammation and an increased protein intake to speed repair. I won’t be running, at least for a bit, but he said he could make it work so that I can still participate and see results with this boot camp. I’m looking forward to returning to the early rising tomorrow morning, and it’s time for bed.

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Dude, it’s pimptastic that your’re finally blogging. I hope the foot heals up real nice.

Comment by Rachael

I’m with Rachael. And if you get up to 35 pushups by the end of boot camp, I’ll start another blog too. Make 40 and I’ll do my own website.

Comment by Arthur

Thanks Rachael… it only took me so long because I couldn’t figure out a topic that was worth posting about consistently, and having a wedding planning blog didn’t appeal at all.

Jas/Arthur, I’m pretty sure you’ll need to start another blog since, as Tim noted, a sore foot doesn’t get in the way of push ups.

Comment by Christina

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